Tong Yang Magic Malaysia Water Dispenser Filter Supplier Distributor

Service Package start from RM100
About Tong Yang Magic Malaysia
We are main Tong Yang Magic water purifier system Distributor and Supplier in Malaysia.


Currently we are co-operate with a wide range of clients and business partners around Malaysia and Singapore.

We’ve helped our dealer around Malaysia and Singapore grow their business through payments. Our creativity and innovative product help our business partner attract and develop customer relationships,.

We kept going as we are today. Serving new business partner. If clean water is part of what you need every day, the systems we offer and manage will work for you.

We partners with Tong Yang Magic Inc, Korea’s leading home appliance industry and water treatment equipment to bring out the best water purifier solutions to its customers.

Tong Yang Magic Inc established in 1985, a company that leading business in the kitchen & home appliance sector based on differentiated technological prowess and sheer quality management.

Tong Yang Magic Inc. has enhanced the recognition of its brand by winning following award

– IDEA Design Awards of the U.S

– Red Dot Design Award Of Gemany

– IF Design Award

Tong Yang Magic Inc’s products are shipped in more than 60 countries around the globe, Tong Yang Magic Inc were awarded the ‘Trade Achievement Tower’ for export revenue of $70 million worth of exports at the 48th Trade Day in 2012, and now we give all our efforts to achieve $100 million in 2016

Tong Yang Magic Inc, are dedicated to develop new innovative technologies and pioneer new markets. Tong Yang Magic Inc. will make every effort to provide constant newness to our product offer, capitalizing on trends and technologies whilst maintaining the established favorites.